Flinders Investigators l Associate Professor Karin Nordström - 19 July 2017

Flinders Investigators is a free public lecture series bringing the University's world-leading research to the wider community.

On Wednesday 19 July, Associate Professor Karin Nordström - Senior Lecturer in Anatomy & Histology at Flinders University - will deliver a Flinders Investigators lecture on The visual world of hoverflies, and how to attract wild pollinators across continents.

Despite being equipped with low-resolution eyes and tiny brains, many insects show exquisite abilities to detect and use visual information. For example, male hoverflies are highly territorial and chase away conspecific males who enter their territories, whereas females are pursued for mating. Hoverflies are not only interesting for their visual behaviour, but are also one of our most important wild pollinators, which is important for our food production.

Join us at Victoria Square on 19 July to hear from Associate Professor Karin Nordström.


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- The visual world of hoverflies, and how to attract wild pollinators across continents (collapse)

Wed, 19 Jul 2017
05:30PM - 07:00PM
All day:
Flinders University Victoria Square, Level 1, Room 1, 182 Victoria Square, ADELAIDE, SA, 5000, Australia

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